Hunted Offenders Eluding Surrender (H.O.E.S)

In order to compile a list of a India's most wanted fugitives, which can be accepted universally as alleged criminals, categorization needs to be developed to determine which fugitives from the country's justice system present the most imminent danger to the general public's safety. Likewise, in order to label these fugitives as a menace to society globally, each category of criminal activity must be accepted as a crime in most societies. For example, murder or homicide is accepted as a crime in all countries. So, when defining "India's most wanted" our website has organized India's most wanted fugitives under the following categories, Human Trafficking, Murder, Sex Crimes, and Terrorism. Additionally, we believe these categories all present the most imminent danger to the public worldwide.

Most Wanted India Human Trafficking / Kidnapping

Although India has no specific law against human trafficking under the Indian Penal Code or the Code for Criminal Procedure, there is a wide range of existing legal provisions in related areas to pursue trafficking cases. Since there is currently only one publicized Indian fugitive wanted for people smuggling and trafficking, yet much documented proof that human trafficking is common in India. We have added kidnapping cases that could possibly be related to human trafficking activity.

Wanted for Trafficking Human Beings
Wanted for Human Trafficking DELHI NEWS -- Harbans Singh Gakhal is most wanted in New Delhi, India for People Smuggling and various other related crimes. Two Interpol notices have been released to the general public, a red notice for arrest and extradition and a blue notice to collect additional information about Gakhal's identity and activities in relation to his criminal activities involving the trafficking of human beings...

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Most Wanted India Murder

Fugitive Wanted for Involvement in School Teacher's Murder
Fugitive Wanted School Teacher's Murder ASSAM NEWS -- Uma Kanta Mizar is most wanted for his alleged involvement in the murder of Daniel Topno in Gohpur in the Sonitpur district of Assam. The victim, Topno was a school teacher and the Assam Tea Tribes Students Association (ATTSA) leader in Gohpur, when he was attacked and killed...

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Most Wanted India Sex Crimes

Gang Rapist Biswal Fugitive Still At-Large
Gang Rapist Biswal Fugitive Still At-Large ORISSA NEWS -- Vivekananda Biswal is most wanted with a combined reward of up to 75,000 Indian rupees for his alleged involvement in a criminal conspiracy to abduct and gang-rape Ms. Anjana Mishra in the Barang District of Cuttack, Orrrisa, India. Mishra's gang rape is alleged to have stemmed from a then ongoing case against late Chief Prosecutor of the Orissa High Court Advocate-General Indrajeet Ray...

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Most Wanted India Terrorism

Black Friday Terrorist Tiger Memon
Terrorist Tiger Memon MUMBAI NEWS -- Many of the accused Memon family and Black Friday conspirators absconded during the trial. In 2007, thirty fugitives were still wanted, most posted with Interpol, including the two females fugitives, Shabana Memon and Reshma Memon...

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Finally, our goal is to defend victims of violence through the use of each criminal justice system. We do not contend that any person is guilty of any crime until proven guilty in a court of law. Therefore, all publications within this website are requests by various law enforcement agencies worldwide for information that will lead to the arrest of persons accused of alleged criminal activity.

Most Wanted Hoes
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