Hunted Offenders Eluding Surrender (H.O.E.S) in the United States

We do not need your pimps, whores, and thieves. Keep your criminals, nor do we want your secret police. Here, take them back!

Most Wanted off the Chain

Dirty South's Most Wanted Hoes
Featured in this directory are women who are most wanted in the United States dirty south: North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kentucky, and Southern Virginia.

Female Fugitive Absconds Serving Probation for Robbery MurderFemale Fugitive Absconds Serving Probation for Robbery Murder
FLORIDA FUGITIVE NEWS -- Taylenis Alvarado is most wanted by Florida Department of Corrections Absconder Unit for violation of her terms of probation. Alvarado was originally convicted of robbery with the use of a deadly weapon. Sentenced to three years supervised probation in Miami, Dade County, Florida, Alvarado, disappeared 15 months after her release...

West Coast Most Wanted Hoes
Most wanted women offenders hunted in California, Oregon, and Washington.

California Betty, a Latina FugitiveCalifornia Betty, a Latina fugitive
WEST COAST FUGITIVE NEWS -- A California betty, Edith Gabriela Garcia, is a most wanted fugitive who may have moved north to Oregon, Washington, Idaho, or Canada. Garcia is a wanted by U.S. Federal Marshals Service for her involvement in cocaine distribution in 1999...

Most Wanted Western Women
Most wanted women fugitives from the U.S. Mountain States of Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming.

Fugitive Black Tar Heroin DealersFugitive Black Tar Heroin Dealers
COLORADO FUGITIVE NEWS -- Two female fugitives, Marlene Cosio-Arenas a.k.a. "Norma" and Rose Gabie Hernandez a.k.a. "Maria" are most wanted by U.S. Marshals for their involvement in a nationwide black tar heroin trafficking organization. As a result of a DEA multi state investigation, called "Operation Black Gold Rush," both women were named in an indictment returned by a federal grand jury in Denver, Colorado...

Southwest Most Wanted Women
Hunted offenders eluding surrender(Hoes)in the United States Southwest, or what we like to call the "Border States" of Southern Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma.

Tulsa's Violent Brunette FugitiveTulsa's Violent Brunette Fugitive
BORDER STATES FUGITIVE NEWS -- Andrea Murray is a female fugitive most wanted for Kidnapping, Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Aggravated Assault and Battery in Tulsa County, Oklahoma. Murray is one of two people charged by Tulsa Police on March 9, 2010, for a crime that allegedly occurred on Valentine's Day. Additionally, Murray's accomplice, 24-year-old Kathryn Jane Marks, has been arrested on the same charges, and has been released on Bond. However, Murray is still at large and should be considered armed and dangerous...

Mid-Atlantic Female Fugitives
Mid-Atlantic female fugitives at large in the states of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., Virginia, New York, West Virginia

Two Women Most Wanted Westchester County NYMost Wanted Alida A. Aceveda
NEW YORK FUGITIVE NEWS -- Two women, Boa Hong and Alida A. Aceveda are most wanted in Westchester County, New York, for to separate assaults. Both women are alleged to have used a weapon during the commission of their crimes, and both women jumped bail at the time of their disappearance. Moreover, Aceveda viciously sliced her victim's face with a box cutter in the Village of Mount Kisco, New York...

New England Lost
The New England lost, Hunted offenders most wanted in the up top states of: Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Vermont.

Unidentified Female FraudUnidentified Female Fraud
NEW ENGLAND FUGITIVE NEWS -- The US Secret Service and the Massachusetts State Police are seeking to identify a woman who fraudulently cashed a stolen U.S. Treasury check. The unidentified female criminal appears to be of Hispanic origin, and probably dyed her hair red before cashing the check...

M-Dub or Midwest Most Wanted Hoes
The U.S. Midwest's fugitive Hoes are most wanted for crimes committed in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, and the Heartland States of: Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

Kansas ShooterMost Wanted Maribell Martinez-Ibarra
KANSAS FUGITIVE NEWS -- Maribell Martinez-Ibarra is most wanted for violating her terms of probation. Originally, Martinez-Ibarra took part in a drive-by shooting and was placed on probation for Criminal Discharge of a Firearm at an Occupied Residence. Maribell Martinez-Ibarra is considered armed and dangerous. This hunted offender eluding surrender (Hoes) has a reward for her arrest of up to $1000, offered her arrest...

Fugitive hunted offenders eluding surrender, "hoes" profiled on this Website should be considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. However, always consider these fugitives armed and dangerous. Do not approach or confront any of these suspect criminals.

Most Wanted Hoes
Most Wanted Women Worldwide

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Most Wanted Hoes
Hunted offenders eluding surrender (Hoes) United States.

Most Wanted Asian Women
Fugitive Asian women - offenders hunted on the great continent.

Most Wanted Latina
These notorious women are most wanted fugitive hoes that committed crimes in South and Central America, including Mexico.

Canada's Most Wanted Female Fugitives
Offenders hunted in Canada's provinces.

Most Wanted European Women
Europe's most wanted women fugitives hiding in the plain sight of the public.

Most Wanted Reward
Male Hoes most wanted with rewards. In some cases, these dudes have bounties exceeding $100,000.

Fugitives Captured!
Male and Female Hoes who have been captured!

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